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Bullpup Press
Hardcastle & McCormick:
the series guidebook,
and fan fiction from Bullpup Press.

Hardcastle and McCormick, the series book:

Note: Ms. Walker is a listed co-author of the book; Ms. Manny is an uncredited collaborator on the work.

Viewer's Guide to Hardcastle and McCormick, cover image

Amazon: 11 five-star reviews, none less.

Barnes & Noble: 6 five-star reviews, none less.

goodreads: 2 five-star ratings, 1 four-star rating.

Library Thing: 1 five-star rating, none less.

Hardcastle and McCormick was a terrific series with great stars and writing. My co-creator, Patrick Hasburgh, and I heartily endorse this book. It tells more about the series than either of us could have hoped for.

   — Stephen J. Cannell

This book, written by three real fans, is a great guide to the series and should be the standard to which all series' guidebooks should aspire to.
   — L. S. Tucker (Amazon reviewer)

I just got my copy today, and I did some light browsing, and the quality of this book is outstanding. . . .  All told, when you add it all up, you come out with a book that has no peer when it comes to television reference books and companions.
   — Ben Masters (Amazon reviewer)

This book was extremely well written, and it flows nicely. It makes for a good read, not like some other show guides which are mere encyclopedias.
   — scenario81 (Barnes & Noble reviewer)

If you are a fan of Hardcastle & McCormick, or even if you are just a fan of good television and good writing, you must buy this book.
   — goosepup (Amazon reviewer)

This is a very good, complete, thorough, interesting, well-written book . . . .
   — Kirk Hastings (Amazon reviewer)

Well written and easy to use, this handbook is so much more than just a list of facts and a few behind the scenes pictures.
   — C. Barker (Amazon reviewer)

I have found it to be a well written and informative book.
   — Milady (Amazon reviewer)

Hardcastle and McCormick (and others), the fiction:

(For complete lists of the stories, with links, just click on the phrases above.)

Some reader reviews:

(In the auctorial credits listed at the story postings, "Paula Douglas" is Ms. Manny and "Owlcroft" is Ms. Walker.)

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