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Hardcastle and McCormick, the series book:

Note: Ms. Walker is a listed co-author of the book; Ms. Manny is an uncredited collaborator on the work.

Viewer's Guide to Hardcastle and McCormick, cover image

Amazon: 11 five-star reviews, none less.

Barnes & Noble: 6 five-star reviews, none less.

goodreads: 2 five-star ratings, 1 four-star rating.

Library Thing: 1 five-star rating, none less.
Hardcastle and McCormick was a terrific series with great stars and writing. My co-creator, Patrick Hasburgh, and I heartily endorse this book. It tells more about the series than either of us could have hoped for.
   — Stephen J. Cannell

This book, written by three real fans, is a great guide to the series and should be the standard to which all series' guidebooks should aspire to.
   — L. S. Tucker (Amazon reviewer)

I just got my copy today, and I did some light browsing, and the quality of this book is outstanding. . . .  All told, when you add it all up, you come out with a book that has no peer when it comes to television reference books and companions.
   — Ben Masters (Amazon reviewer)

This book was extremely well written, and it flows nicely. It makes for a good read, not like some other show guides which are mere encyclopedias.
   — scenario81 (Barnes & Noble reviewer)

If you are a fan of Hardcastle & McCormick, or even if you are just a fan of good television and good writing, you must buy this book.
   — goosepup (Amazon reviewer)

This is a very good, complete, thorough, interesting, well-written book . . . .
   — Kirk Hastings (Amazon reviewer)

Well written and easy to use, this handbook is so much more than just a list of facts and a few behind the scenes pictures.
   — C. Barker (Amazon reviewer)

I have found it to be a well written and informative book.
   — Milady (Amazon reviewer)

Hardcastle and McCormick, the fiction:

(For a Googled list of the stories, just click on the phrase above.)

Some reader reviews:

(In the auctorial credits listed at the story postings, "Paula Douglas" is Ms. Manny and "Owlcroft" is Ms. Walker.)
  • I just can't get enough of these epilogues! My favorite line, " 'You're afraid his tracks aren't deep enough,' McCormick said with a half-smile." This simple theme has woven itself in and around the televised episodes and the fanfic. Its a keeper.

  • What a great little conversation, and the part about Flip was just perfect McCormick. Thanks for finishing off an episode I've always enjoyed.

  • Very nicely understated. This stuff is hard to do because the canon doesn't offer much guidance-as this episode illustrated. I like how you have Mark issue a few unintentional tickets for the clue bus, and Hardcastle taking a while to get on board, but once he does he rides it clear to the end of the line. But my favorite line has got to be "I'll be okay without doctors telling me take it easy and stay away from the Third Reich."

  • I'm not sure I can ever get enough of epilogues for this episode, and this one is done, oh so well. You have a wonderful grasp of the guys and their motivations (and limitations) and their banter is perfect. I can easily picture this entire conversation taking place, which is the best part of fanfic for me.

  • Oh, Paula, where do I start? What a wonderful story that had the feel of an episode, with the conversations between our friends just so spot on.

  • I don't remember what I thought about this episode the first time I saw it. It was only later that I noticed the potential darker elements under the madcap veneer it presents to the viewer. Here you bring those out, or one aspect of them, only briefly glimpsed and from the corner of the eye. You leave enough hints, without bludgeoning us, and the suggestions seems entirely within the intransigent Casir's capabilities. Still, the tone stays mostly light, in keeping with the original.

  • Great little epilogue. BTW, one thing I like about the epilogophilia stories ... is that you always use a different tone than the episode's. Being one who thrills for the dramas and is a little less enthusiastic about comedies I appreciate how you guys make your readers see the darker, more serious dimensions of the same stories that were funny or even a little silly in their original non-epilogued forms.

  • I just finished Too Many Crooks. You have such a deft hand both with humor and with plots. You also are very skilled in creating believable OCs. Where did you learn your French? It's very good! Really enjoyed this. Thanks so much!

  • I loved this story! It made me feel like I was really at the ballpark, and unlike a certain other baseball episode, this one was as accurate as a Mariano Rivera cutter. The references to the Police Commissioner were perfect and I see Lt. Carlton is now a Captain! I'm still laughing over Mark's comment: "I can outrun most bad guys, but not real athletes. They don't have guns so there's not as much incentive." A perfect story to celebrate the opening of the 2012 season! :-)

  • I've re-read Another Day in Paradise. I liked it then and I like it now -- Mark's excitement about finally getting to Hawaii and the crime investigation they find along the way. If this had been an actual TV show, I would suspect that it was a proposal for a possible spin-off for a new TV show. Good writing.

  • Aunt May and Aunt Zora - welcome back! What a perfect sequel to Lawrence Hertzog's wonderful episode. From feeding Mark seafood to help him with his finals, to aiding poor Frank with the investigation, to the classic scene of Mark teaching the Aunts how to pick locks-this story had it all. Ratiocination. Sherlock Holmes would have been proud.

  • Just read Paula's 'Another Day in Paradise' and loved it! Great romp, just like the old days, with an elaborate sting, a beautiful woman, greedy villain, and a takedown almost gone bad with both Milt and Mark at risk! Who could possibly ask for more? Oh, and yeah, the descriptions of gorgeous Hawaii were lovely, too! Paula, you had the characters nailed. Thanks so much!

  • This story had it all - exciting plot, fantastic writing, and great characters. I loved seeing so many people from earlier episodes, and their personalities and dialogue were absolutely perfect. Great job!

  • Wonderfull writing! You should be doing this for a living. (Assuming you're not) :) Thank-you!

  • I can just say: thank you, thank you, thank you. I think you caught the show exactly. I could nearly see this episode on my TV.

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