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Sherlock, the fiction:

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(In the auctorial credits listed at the story postings, "Paula Douglas" is Ms. Manny and "Owlcroft" is Ms. Walker.)
  • Reviews for Metacarpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Ohhh, I just loved this. Intense and vivid and so well written. I loved how you punctuate such tense and dark scenes with flashes of humor. (Just like the show, actually!)…Very well done!

    • you are brilliant! i've just read all but the longest of your sherlock stories (starting that one after this review!) and i have to say that you should be writing episodes for the show! the characterizations are perfect, the balance of humor and seriousness is perfect, and the homage paid to the ACD originals is also brilliant-just as brilliant as the show itself if not more! and the icing on the cake is...your writing is top notch! it is extremely rare that i find a fanfiction author who can do everything i just described and has actual writing talent as well. why you are not famous in the fandom i do not know, but you should be! i implore you to write more sherlock stories, because your work could sustain the entire fandom through the hiatus! thank you for your immensely enjoyable contributions to quality fanfiction!

    • Just brilliant, like you were channeling Steven Moffat. More please!

    • Absolutely lovely. Gripping plot-you do know how to weave a tale! I don't think I breathed thru the entire last part…! You have a very good grasp of their relationship…Thank you again for another fabulous story—I so enjoy your writing! Cheers

    • This is my absolute favorite Sherlock fic. You do a brilliant job with your structure and flow. The tension and sense of unease, building right from the start, the chase through the sewers, then the attack and its resolution... just. Wow. I wish I had better words for it, but wow . . . You are an incredible writer, and I'm so glad to have your stories!

  • Reviews for The Blue Carboy
    • Very touching and yet still in character, which is not an easy balance to strike!…Very, very well done.

    • I had to pause shortly after beginning this so I could do a happy dance of joy when I realized you were modernizing "The Blue Carbuncle"…you obviously are a true SH fan, and it was so wonderful seeing a real, true case fic in the universe of the updated should be pitching scripts at Moftiss! And even with it being a stellar case fic, you didn't lose sight of the characters...this rang true for me on every level; I could hear the actors' voices in these roles, and you stayed true to the characters the way they were written, both in the original stories by ACD and the show.

    • Amazing again. This was as well written and plotted as any Sherlock episode. I don't know how you do it, but hope you do it again with another story soon.

    • I was so excited to see that one of my favorite H &M authors was writing for Sherlock! And what a treat this story is! Reading this was like watching an episode-the plot is well thought out and the character's voices are spot on. You and Paula Douglas make a great writing team! Thanks for sharing and please do write more! Cheers!

    • This is a wonderful story. It was very-well written with lots of exciting action and excellent dialogue. But best of all, we got to see Sherlock and John's friendship and how much it means to both of them. Thanks for this look into life at 221B Baker Street.

  • Reviews for The Highgrove Ritual
    • What an amazing take on this mystery! I love the way you adapt the canon for a modern setting...Moftiss could learn a thing or two!

    • Extraordinary writing. I stopped to marvel at a turn of phrase on nearly every paragraph…a good plot with in character voices…you're a great team!

    • I can see this as being like an episode for an alternate Season 3 or something. Well done!

    • Once again, you have written a mystery that is complex and fascinating. And there are so many wonderful bits of dialogue…I'm always amazed how you capture their personalities and words so perfectly. Well done!

    • To say this was incredible would be a massive understatement. In fact, while I've been away for a good while, have been with the Sherlock fandom literally since day one, and out of the innumerable fics read during that time, this is among the very best of them.

    • The plotting was labyrinthine (the fact I could not figure it out actually surprised me more than that ending), the relationship drawn between Sherlock and John really quite spot on, their voices pitch perfect and the pacing nail-biting . . . In short, you have single-handedly restored my faith in in the fic of this fandom.

    • Another outstanding story that never skimped on the action for a single minute and was an absolute gem of characterization.

    • Brilliant! This should have far more kudos and comments! I am such a sucker for mysteries that involve the historical. The writing and characterization are deft and very well done.

    • This was wonderful. I particularly enjoyed the understated friendship between John and Sherlock, and having a well written, detailed case that kept me on my toes. A nice update of the original story and a lovely read!

  • Reviews for The Ice Breaker
    • This is a brilliant one shot with the perfect mix of character insight, plot, pace and interest. From the serious theme to the delightful flash of humour (Shelrock, indeed!) and every piece of dialogue is pitch perfect. As a result, this one goes straight into my favourites list.

    • I am amazed at this story, and all of your previous Sherlock fics. Your characterization and rationale is spot-on, and you dig deeper into the character's motivations instead of sticking to cliches. Thank you for all of your hard work and effort, it was a genuine pleasure to read.

    • I love absolutely everything the pair of you write, and this was no exception...beautifully written, characterization spot on, and the balance of sentiment just perfect – tender, but not too much. I loved Mycroft in this...he's a tough nut to crack, but you nailed it. Fabulous job, as always! Thanks so much for sharing your literary gifts with us. :-)

    • This was marvelously done; well-written, in character, just the right balance of humor and sentiment. Lovely job! Beautiful ending. Thank you for sharing.

    • Bravo! That was really marvelous. Every character was in perfect voice, with the story revealing their đefining characteristics in a few actions. The small details brought it to life…This is definitely a favorite work!

    • I loved the original because it was ingenious, but this is just plain 'lovely' . . . I hope you have more stories in the works about Mycroft needing John's help . . .

  • Reviews for The Trained Politician, The Cormorant, and The Lighthouse
    • I am floored by how great your writing is. Fun plots...excellent characterization...This one had me laughing out loud. If I could double favorite your stories—I would. Thank you!

    • this is as great as the rest! i love how easily you took one of the untold stories, tweaked the idea a bit just like the sherlock series writers do, and fit it into the sherlock world while still maintaining the feel and charm of the original canon! no one writes sherlock like you!

    • As is usual with your stories, the dialogue is perfect and the plot is wonderfully complex.

    • Wow. I can't tell you how happy I was to see Owlcroft pop up in my new story list, then to have it be a complete, novella length story to boot just made my day! You really capture the bond between John and Sherlock well…If you have Inclination to move into publishing your work commercially, you really should.

    • This is such a wonderful adventure. I love the descriptions of scenery, weather, and place. It's all so vivid and readable. I can easily picture where Sherlock and John have gone, what they're looking at, and how the atmosphere is. The atmosphere, for crying out loud! Now that is some talented storytelling!

    • I have yet to find a fanfiction that just goes so perfectly with the series (it helps a lot that you read the original stories). Your portrayals of each of the characters are spot on!

    • This is brilliant! Loved this :D just like an actual episode.

  • Reviews for The Colour of Wine
    • This was absolutely the best Sherlock BBC fanfiction I have read thus far. The plot is engaging, the colloquialisms perfect, the characters are spot on, their friendship while still developing shows how good they are for each other, and the drama is poignant without bringing us down into darkness of tragic addiction.

    • Just lovely. Characters are spot on as usual, and…you two have a real knack for delivering an absolutely perfect final line!

    • So many, many things to love in this story. It's absolutely delightful…And the mystery itself was compelling.

    • Thank you! I could go on and on about how this was, like your other work, like reading a Moftiss script, complete with pitch perfect character voices and clever plotting. But I'll say this instead: I'm stuck in the hospital for a few days and it became utterly bearable for the first time when I opened my email to an alert that a story from Owlcroft had arrived. You saved me today!

    • Really well written. The detail you put into the case was amazing…Wonderful story.

    • How can I express my undying affection to this story? The character development. The research. The procedural information. The references to canon. The brilliant investigation. The underlying moral. The humor . . . I was nearly weeping at all that medical and scientific accuracy.

    • This is a crackling, good mystery, full of great characterization and interesting detail. May you continue to write prolifically. Thanks for the evident care you lavished on this tale.

  • Reviews for The Devil's Heart
    • Thoroughly riveting story, but especially enjoyed the rapport. Thank you for filling the hiatus between seasons with entertainment that is at least equal (and possibly better in some ways) to the BBC canon!

    • I could not begin to explain how much I enjoyed this story. I read it slowly over the course of a couple of days to savor it; it was well worth it. The way you portray the friendship between John and Sherlock is wholly believable in the context of both the show and original stories. I have been attempting to read some other well-written "Sherlock" stories, but Sherlock is portrayed as angry and bitter and John too stupid to realize how to be a good friend to Sherlock. You hit the perfect dynamic between Sherlock's difficult nature and John's every-day-man.

    • Thoroughly riveting story, but especially enjoyed the rapport. Thank you for filling the hiatus between seasons with entertainment that is at least equal (and possibly better in some ways) to the BBC canon!

    • What a perfect case for Sherlock - brothers whose habits drove each of them to murder! I loved the ACD story, and you have matched it with dialogue and plot. Beautifully written, with just the right amount of humor and sentiment.

    • All I have to say is, it would be a downright crime not to let you two do official novelizations. You should be writing the damned scripts . . . P.S. "The Devil's Foot" is one of my favorite ACD stories.

    • "The Adventure of the Devil's Foot" is one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes adventures ever! This was a brilliant retelling of it. And you do a good job of keeping your characters in-well, in character.

  • Reviews for Eddie Ricoletti and His Abominable Life
    • Loved it! Finished just now. The absence of Mary is such a good thing. The dynamics between John and Sherlock are excellent. Show would be crazy not to pick this up.

    • This was amazing. I really like that you don't push too much sentiment into Sherlock's character . . . You do a great job of keeping him (and John) so in character according to the series.

    • This was wonderful. Your characters were vivid and right on the money, and your prose is beautiful. I enjoyed every word of your poignant story.

    • What a lovely, and heartbreaking story. You do such a good job describing John and Sherlock. I really like how you do the characterizations, they're really spot on.

  • Reviews for Medium Dark
    • Oh my word, I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this wonderful tale! It's such a treat to read an intelligent, well-written story that keeps everyone so completely in character . . . Additionally, your vivid descriptions put the reader right into the scene.

    • What a pleasure to read well-plotted, well-written story-telling. Intriguing from the first five minutes, as I have come to expect from you.

    • Lovely casefic. Your use of Arthur Conan Doyle's own characters in a case featuring the frauds of homeopathy and spiritualism (and mentioning the flower fairies!), which Doyle believed in, was particularly delicious. Well done.

    • Looking forward to this case, this first chapter really draws you in! Good characterisation, as always. Makes it feel like an actual episode! Fics like this are really what keeps me going between series.

    • Fantastic story. Your plot races along, it's fresh and original, and the characterisations are brilliant.

    • Everything you've given us is thoughtful and interesting, as well as being beautifully plotted, researched, and written. Thank you!

  • Reviews for Deduction
    • So why didn't they include this little gem in the script? Must have been left on the cutting room floor.

    • Nice. I find it totally unbelievable that Mycroft wouldn't figure out that the shooter was Mary Watson. So, I find this a nice missing scene piece explaining why he didn't go after her.

    • Bravo. This scene was glaringly absent from the show (of course Mycroft would figure it out) and you did a terrific job covering it.

    • You have such a knack for little gold nuggets of dialogue. 'I can only assume Mrs. Watson will not be shooting at you again.' This is a scene that, in my head canon anyway, was certainly filmed and was only cut for time.

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